The "About Me" page for Cecilia Ryan providing a short bio about her as a writer, photographer and traveller and where she is currently based. Also includes a GIF of her travelling the world.

—  Traveller —

14 countries, 9 journals, countless photographs



I'm Cecilia Ryan. Writer, photographer, traveller.

I've spent the last five years working my way around the globe. I've freelanced as a copywriter, photographed (mostly for fun), worked in travel and tourism and made a mean cup of coffee or two.



I left England at the end of 2012 to explore South East Asia. 8 months took me through 9 countries where I backpacked, scuba-dived, volunteered, lived with locals, climbed Mount Kinabalu, trekked, visited Angkor Wat, sailed through Halong Bay and took more buses, boats and planes than I can remember. Next up was a move to Sydney, Australia where I lived and worked for 9 months before moving to the outback and a tiny town of 500. This re-lined my pockets and soon I was on the road again, travelling Australia and New Zealand. I returned home for a few months for family commitments but soon had a new visa and another travelling fund saved. In 2015 I headed for America, spending an amazing month road-tripping through Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon and Washington before crossing the border to do a ski season in Whistler, Canada. After 6 months of mountain life, I moved down to Vancouver where I lived and worked until the end of September 2017. At this point, home was calling but not before one last jaunt across Mexico!

Here we are, five years later. I am a story-teller, a writer, a photographer and have experience writing for a variety of audiences, able to craft copy which perfectly captures the tone and branding of my clients. I’m currently turning my talents to copywriting for a national travel company.

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