The Canadian Series has Begun

So, we crossed the border from Seattle into Vancouver on the 1st October. A delightfully painless process. We'd been prepared to face an immigration officer, armed with bank statements, travel insurance policies and every other slightly relevant document I could think of but all he cared about were our passports. He took those, went off for fifteen minutes and when he came back, James and I were cleared for two years of living in Canada!

With the taste of success and opportunity in our mouths, we hopped off the bus in Vancouver and decided we could afford the luxury of a taxi to our accommodation for the night. It turned out we were staying in the worst part of town; putting it mildly, there were prostitutes waiting outside our hotel, shocking really, when we'd booked the cheapest place going. It was only a short walk to Gastown where hipster coffee shops, bars and men with on trend beards reassured us that we'd left the crack den. We were able to use our one day in Vancouver to do practical things like get Social Insurance Numbers, bank accounts and a sim card. And treat ourselves to one last meal out before accepting the holiday is finally over. We didn't have long enough to form an opinion of Vancouver but we'll be back there again in a few months so it can wait.

We wanted to get out to Whistler to find jobs and somewhere to live pronto. We might have stretched the budget a little far in America but I just couldn't resist the doughnuts! We thought we were doing the clever thing by getting out to Whistler early before the winter season starts and the rest of the workers come. Turns out when you arrive in dead season, a lot of places don't need staff. We started to panic a little that we wouldn't get sorted but it was a bit premature. Within six days, we'd both been offered a handful of jobs and found a gorgeous house to move into. Phew.

So, we're working in a coffee shop and hotel respectfully. We're living with a lovely Scottish couple and have an incredible view out of our window of mountains and a lake. We spend our days off exploring the valley trails on our housemates' bikes and are trying to make the most of getting out now before the snow comes. We spotted a bear today and tried to work out what a 'sensible distance' should be. Close enough to get a picture though, right? Whistler is beautiful, currently it's offering an array of autumn colours but soon the snow will come and we can't wait for the season to kick off and to become skiing pros, naturally. 

Cecilia RyanComment