A White Christmas is All of the Fun

Foreign friends always believe we have a white Christmas every year in England due in large part to Hollywood trickery but in fact, we rarely have a white Christmas and if we do get some snow, we get about two inches and the country naturally grinds to a halt. This year in Canada, we have had a proper white Christmas and it’s been bloody lovely! The trees are dusted, the lakes are frozen, there are real icicles hanging from buildings, Whistler village is lit up and an ice rink has been erected, obviously. It is a proper Christmas postcard. And what’s even better, we live in the mountains and so could enjoy a white Christmas as you really should; on the slopes!

We set our alarms for 6am, donned the thermals and headed to the village for 'Fresh Tracks': the chance to be the first people up Whistler mountain, starting your day with an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet before enjoying perfectly groomed runs. Fresh tracks is open everyday but unfortunately we weren’t the only people to have the brainwave of doing it for Christmas so the line was a mile long. After a miserable hour of waiting in the cold, we finally got up the mountain and to the restaurant. We stuffed our little faces while skyping little faces back home and then were out, skiing down the mountain with the sun rising behind us to reveal a gorgeous blue sky day. We stopped for an obligatory hot chocolate and to warm up our frozen toes, then back out to ski our Christmas morning away. Home for the afternoon to Skype more family and friends, then we made a proper christmas dinner and ended up stretched out on the sofa, moaning about how full we were. Some Christmas traditions remain intact.

So that was our Christmas in British Columbia. We missed everyone back home but skiing on Christmas morning nearly made up for it! We're working a lot, skiing as much as we can and (we hope!) getting better. No broken bones anyway! Although 2015 isn't over yet ...

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