The last blog finished on the cusp of my 27th birthday and for someone who annually gets a case of what her friends describe as “the birthday blues” - this birthday was pretty upbeat! The day started with presents and pancakes, courtesy of James … there’s a reason I keep him around. And then I went off to work with a box of freshly baked salted caramel chocolate cookies under my arm because you have to bring treats on your birthday - mostly because you want to eat the treats but that’s by the by! My work pals did not disappoint and treated me to frissants - a doughnut/croissant or an unofficial cronut - deeeelish! After work, I spent an hour or so wandering all of the cute shops on West 4th Avenue and treating myself to a few little bits, then went off to dinner at The Reef with my lovely work friends. Caribbean food and pina coladas does a happy Cecilia make. James had to work so I got a second birthday on our day off and we began with the “boozy brunch” at Fable: french toast and mimosas, the adult version of pancakes and presents! Followed by a day spent city strolling, coffee shop hopping, window shopping and happy hour indulging before a sunset cruise around Vancouver harbour. Turning 27 ain’t too shabby! 

I also went on a gorgeous boat trip with the girls from work on a wonderfully sunny and crisp Autumn day. We sailed out of the Burrard Inlet up the Indian Arm and it was amazingly peaceful and quiet just a short way away from the city. We passed a little town called Deep Cove and on my next day off, James and I took the bus out there to wander the charming little town with some cute coffee shops and old fashioned doughnuts and do a lovely hike up to the Quarry Rock for beautiful views of the Indian Arm. I got to see it from above and on the water, all in a couple of days!

27 hasn’t been too bad aside from you know, the mid twenty years quickly fading into the distance and the inevitable ‘where am I going in life’ questions but we needn’t worry about that! Instead we can look at the right now and try to work out what part of Vancouver needs exploring next.

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