Night Skiing: A Whole New Sensation

Anyone know night skiing was a thing? No? Good, me neither. 

Last week on a beautiful bluebird day at Whistler, we decided not to go skiing. A hard decision to make when the view out of our bedroom window shows two majestic mountains glistening with the promise of fresh snow and sunshine but we were saving ourselves for Cypress mountain and an opportunity to try night skiing. On a rare trip outside of the Whistler bubble, I gatecrashed James’ work night out and we headed south to Vancouver via a very picturesque drive, taking in views of mountains silhouetted by a setting sun and eventually the city itself. We stopped just short of the city at Cypress and as the bus wound its way up the mountain, we watched the sun disappear behind the city. After a quick dinner we headed out into the darkness. Even though we've skied a lot this season, night skiing felt like a whole new sensation. The mountain was either lit by floodlights or the fortuitous presence of a full moon but there were still times when you skied beyond the reach of the lights, relying on your senses (or luck) to keep you straight. Everything felt heightened, the mountain felt quiet and as your eyes strained to see further than they could, the anticipation for what might be ahead was palpable. It was the best night we've had so far in Canada. The mountain was fairly quiet so we stormed through lap after lap, not getting sick of the experience, stopping only occasionally to admire views of Vancouver and of course, to take pictures! We are tourists after all. After I accidentally had a go at a jump, due in part to not being able to see it coming/being a little bit cocky, our friends taught us how take them properly and suddenly we were adrenalin junkies, addicted to the park. Every lap from then on meant hugging the edges of the runs, searching for little jumps and slowly building up more speed for the park jumps. Ski Sunday, here we come!

We skied until the end and then headed back to Whistler, everyone raving about the experience. I’m yet to get sick of the fact that we can spend our days off skiing but to try it at night felt like something pretty special. The night was clear, the moon was full and every run felt more exciting than the last.

Cecilia RyanComment