Ski Season Done, Hello Vancouver Sun!


After seven months, we have left our winter home. We came for the ski season, we saw the ski season, we didn’t exactly conquer the season but we definitely improved! By the end, we were skiing bowls, managing (small) jumps in the park and weaving our way through the trees. It’s been a winter wonderland but with the summer days in ascension, the promises of city life by the sea pulled us away. 

We made the most of our last few weeks in Whistler going for our final days of skiing with beautiful blue skies making the views all the more spectacular, long scenic walks, picnicking by Lost Lake, getting a glimpse of Brandywine Falls and indulging in drinks and dinners with friends. We said our goodbyes and loaded our things into our friend’s car, ready to move a couple of hours south. He had the idea of taking the scenic (five hour) route to Vancouver and drove us north(?) via the Coast Mountain Circle tour. The road climbs through the mountains, offering spectacular views of Mount Currie which glistens like a diamond with sharp edges and a coruscating glow. Journeying a little further we came to Joffre Lakes and wandered the still snow covered paths (some of us in flip flops!) down to Lower Joffre Lake, still half frozen and framed on all sides by towering trees and the Coast mountain range. We ventured further north past mountains, occasional houses, Duffey Lake, twisting and turning until our eyes suddenly widened as we caught sight of a turquoise horizon. As we got closer, we realised we were approaching Seton Lake and irresistibly pulled into the car park to admire the dazzling lake below. The weather could not have been better and we stood looking out at a cloudless blue sky, a turquoise lake stretching as far as our eyes could see, encased by the Lillooet Range Mountains and a snow capped mountain the central focus in the distance. It was a picture perfect moment and thank God we just happened to have all of our worldly possessions in the car, including, most importantly, our camera! The scenic route did not disappoint and was definitely worth the five hour detour.

We arrived in Vancouver, went for incredible Caribbean food, naturally, and then said goodbye to our friends. We are now Vancouverites and so far the city has been kind. We have signed a lease on a one bedroom apartment in gorgeous Kitsilano, blocks from the beach and alluring coffee shops. So begins the next chapter of our Canadian adventure.

Cecilia RyanComment