Four Months On


"When we move to Vancouver, I'm going to write a blog a week" ... It's been four months and this is my first blog. To say that I've failed might be an understatement. So the excuses: I would love to say it is because I have been off gallivanting across the globe again but in fact the answer is a lot more mundane. Life: moving, finding a flat, finding a job, starting said job, gallivanting to … England. Regular old life has got in the way of my writing and while that is very true, it is also very much an excuse for one’s laziness. The second part of this excuse is that regular life does not seem like blog-worthy content. Travelling from place to place, moving to a ski resort - these seem like newsworthy tales. Living and working does not feel exciting enough to write about. But if I want to write, I have to practice; so tough luck dear reader (mum and dad), you get to read about my day to day life in Canada for a while.

So now, if you’re still with me, you might possibly be interested in the last four months. The last blog ended with our move to Vancouver and four months down the line, we truly love this beautiful city. We live in Kitsilano, a couple of blocks (we’re so North American now) from the beach where we frequently picnic, occasionally play beach volleyball and regularly stroll. To live by the beach in summertime is a dream although before I big it up too much, the weather in Vancouver is pretty much the exact same as England so funnily enough, I haven’t braved the sea! And summer seems to be fast fading as I sit here with a hot cup of tea (Yorkshire, obvs) to keep me company. It’s been a great summer though, spent exploring our new home. We’ve furnished, mostly through free Craigslist things, our cute but loud (the walls are paper thin and the couple upstairs HATE each other by all accounts) flat. We’ve museumed, we’ve night-marketed, we’ve blueberry picked, we’ve cheesecake baked. We’ve tackled the Grouse Grind - “nature’s stair master” - an hour’s long slog uphill for nice views of the city. We’ve celebrated Canada day like locals with poutine and fireworks. We’ve taken the Vancouver trolley and harbour cruise around the city to embrace our inner tourist and get to know this beautiful place a bit better. We’ve been to the Theatre Under the Stars in Stanley Park. We've popped back to Whistler to see the mountains without the snow. We’ve even been back to England for two weeks to see beloved friends, meet my new favourite family member and drink all of the Prosecco at the wedding of the year!

So Vancouver is swell, life is ticking along, my job regularly entails ‘eating meetings’ which are as good as they sound and I’m on the cusp of my 27th birthday. I would like to begin this new year of life starting as I mean to go on: writing and making the most of this, most definitely not free, website! 

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