The 7 Best Things About Living in Kitsilano

Welcome sign for Kitsilano neighbourhood, Vancouver.

Moving to Vancouver? There are a lot of great neighbourhoods but for me, one stands above the rest. Here are the 7 best things about living in Kitsilano:


1. The beach

People on Kitsilano beach with the Vancouver skyline behind.

Whether you're living ocean-side on Cornwall or a few blocks down on West 16th, having the beach within walking distance is one of life's best privileges. I don't need to extol the virtues of living by the beach in summer but even in winter, beach-side strolls bundled up in a giant scarf and your Blundstones (duh) are still a dream.


2. The sunsets

Sunset at the beach with pier and snow on the sand. Taken at Kitsilano beach in Vancouver.

This one complements the first but have you seen the sunsets from Kits beach? The North Shore mountains turn a gorgeous husky pink, the city lights begin to flicker beneath and the sun melts into the ocean creating some of the most vivid colours imaginable.


3. The food

Macarons, cakes, pastries and more available at Thomas Haas in Kitsilano, Vancouver.

West 4th Ave, W Broadway, Cornnwall, Yew - just to name a few! The choices in Kitsilano are up there with some of the best in the city. There are AnnaLena and Maenam who are both listed on 2017's Canada's 100 Best Restaurants. Au Comptoir for one of Vancouver's best brunches, Beaucoup and Thomas Haas for some of Vancouver's best pastries, Yuwa (formerly Zest) for some of Vancouver's best sushi and one of my favourite go-tos - Rain or Shine for incredible ice cream, especially drenched in their hot fudge sauce. Plus Kits is home to a wonderful smattering of pubs, coffee shops, doughnuterries, Canadian cuisine and more.


4. The lifestyle

People playing beach volleyball on Kitsilano beach with the North Shore mountains behind and willow tree.

Yes the lycra-wearing, buddha bowl-eating, yoga-centric Kitsilano locals can be a bit clichéd but in all honesty - fitness and clean eating does feel infectious in Kitsilano. The original home of lululemon; there are numerous yoga studios, fitness centres, and lifestyle shops just on West 4th Ave alone. Kitsilano encourages you to live a healthy lifestyle with free yoga classes by the beach, the most gorgeous running opportunities and seemingly endless beach volleyball ... you'll quickly learn to embrace it!


5. The location

False Creek Ferry sailing to Kitsilano, Vancouver as the sun starts to set.

With enough to do so that you don't have to go into the city centre, but close enough that going in isn't a hassle. If Kits beach is too crowded on a summer's day, no problem! Jericho, Spanish Banks, Wreck beach are all just a short distance away. Can't be bothered with the effort of going to English Bay for the Celebration of Light? Kits beach provides one of the best viewing spots anyway! Kits is just far enough out to give you that chilled vibe and take away the traffic but then in about 15 mins by car, bus or False Creek Ferry, you can be right in the heart of downtown - perfect!


6. The dogs

Dog and ball in Volunteer Park, Kitsilano, Vancouver.

Dogs in Kits just happen to be about the cutest. Whether they're lazing outside your favourite coffee shop or playing catch in one of the numerous parks, all the dogs in Kits just make the place better. And there's even a dog beach. Need I say more?


7. Granville Island is a stone's throw away.

Granville Island Public Market with visitors sitting outside on chairs, Vancouver

Home to Vancouver's best public market with countless amazing food options for either on-the-spot eating or to take home and cook with. Also the Granville Island Brewery, Liberty distillery, theatres, the Vancouver Improv Centre, galleries, shops, the launching spot for boat trips, kayaking, paddleboarding - it's no wonder Granville Island is Canada's second most visited attraction after Niagara Falls! And living in Kits means all this is on your doorstep. Perfect for your daily fix of Oyama Sausage's heavenly charcuterie, Sen Pad Thai's incredible noodles or a melt-in-the-mouth doughnut from Lee's.

Sunset in Vancouver behind the Kitsilano swimming pool

If you're moving to Vancouver, hopefully this list of the 7 best things about living in Kitsilano will show how it will capture your heart. From a crisp morning run to sumptuous beach days, beers in pub gardens and endless dinner choices, the Khatsahlano Festival and one of the prime viewing spots for the annual Celebration of Light - Kitsilano is pretty hard to beat.