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Top 13 Whistler Cheap Eats - Vancouver Foodie Tours

13-4122 Village Green, Whistler. For a delicious and reasonably priced breakfast, Stonesedge is number 1. Eggs bennies are available until 3pm, average about $13 and mimosas are always a welcome addition. If the purse strings will allow, add a side of the creamy mushrooms. The words 'creamy' and 'mushrooms' should be enough explanation!

Top 9 Must-See Viewpoints in Vancouver | Experience Vancouver Group

The city where the sea meets the sky, the skyscrapers are outclassed by nature's skyscrapers and the sun sets over the water every night. You might say Vancouver's pretty picturesque. There are so many places to enjoy stunning views that we decided to list them!

17 Hot Spots for Vancouver Happy Hour | Foodee

One of the top perks of working in downtown Vancouver are the countless happy hours found within walking distance. Get the rundown on food, drink, and restaurant vibes in Vancouver Foodie Tours ' 17 Hot Spots for Vancouver Happy Hour.

“Cecilia’s savvy tips on budget dining in Whistler, BC has quickly proven to be a great resource for our online community! In just over a year, her article on “Whistler Cheap Eats” has become one of the Top 5 landing pages for traffic on the blog section of our website.”

The Ultimate Guide to Drinking Craft Beer in Vancouver - Vancouver Foodie Tours

Much like the craft beer aficionados in Portland and Washington State, Vancouver's craft breweries aren't bound by tradition and are keen to experiment with hops, style and flavour. If you travel for craft beer, you should know that Vancouver likes it hoppy, and you'll want to keep an eye out for the "Hazy IPAs."

15 Best Things To Do In Vancouver Summer 2017 | Experience Vancouver

Vancouver summer is here and we've got the dodgy tan lines to prove it! Although don't say it too loudly in case rain hears and decides to make a come-back! When the sun is shining, Vancouver is the most beautiful place to be. It's the perfect time to get outside and explore the city.

The Best Playgrounds in Oakland

Voted by National Geographic as one of the Top 10 playgrounds in the country, the Adventure Playground at the Berkeley Marina is a treasure. Often described as a "junk yard", it's fuel for your kids imaginations with unusual forts, boats and towers to climb.

“Cecilia was contracted to create new content for the Experience Vancouver Group. We were delighted with her work! She was easy to work with and was enthusiastic, creative and professional. She captured the tone and branding of our company perfectly and provided the exact sort of content we were hoping for. We would be more than happy to recommend her.”

Havings Kids in Oakland: Child Care Services Available to You

Raising kids is tough. Period. The toughest thing you will ever do! And for many of us, we might be doing the job alone or in a low income family or have many socio-economic factors challenging our everyday lives. We may face challenges due to our age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion.

How to Save Money on Tours in Vancouver | Experience Vancouver Group

With such an abundance tours and activities to choose from in Vancouver, the costs can quickly rack up. Rather than having to choose or sacrifice experiences we're keen to try, we just have to be savvy! Seek the deals and they will come. Or in this case, read on ...

5 Foodie Facts about Gastown - Landsea Tours & Adventures

Written by Cecilia Ryan - Vancouver Foodie Tours Gastown is Vancouver's #1 Foodie neighbourhood and is the hub for new and exciting restaurants.Photo Credit: Josh Boettcher When people think of Gastown, they think of the cobbled streets, the famed steam clock, the Victorian architecture, the fascinating history and ... the food!

“I worked with Cecilia to create blog posts for Kids Konnect Preschools, targeted at early years parents and guardians. She provided posts which were perfect for our audience with clear, informative, well-researched, and engaging copy. She was friendly, cooperative and very easy to work with. Would not hesitate to recommend her!”
— Harry Picken | KIDS KONNECT

The 11 Best Canadian Dishes in Dine Out History * Edible Canada

Dine Out Vancouver festival is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year and this invokes all kinds of the warm and fuzzies. We wanted to take a little trip down memory lane and round up the best of Dine Out Vancouver's Canadian dishes.

The Best Vancouver Tours for the History Buffs | Experience Vancouver Group

As we celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary, it's a great time to connect with our inner history buff and stop and think about how much we really know about our beloved city. Vancouver offers a fascinating history from its First Nations heritage to its most historic neighbourhood, Gastown.

8 Potty Training Tips for your Preschooler

We all have the friends whose child was out of diapers by 18 months and potty training was a dream. But then we also have the friends whose kids were still in diapers until the age of 4. It might have been easy with your first child but the second just won't do it.